David V. Sanker, Ph.D

David V. Sanker, Ph.D

Drawing on 12 years of experience in software development and database architecture, David V. Sanker, Ph.D., works with clients to build strong patent portfolios in a variety of areas, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, natural language processing, data visualization software, large-scale database architecture and storage infrastructure, data analytics software, and touchscreen technology. As AI tools have become widely available, inventions that use AI have become an increasing portion of his work, including inventions in industrial automation and life sciences. To address the heightened patent subject matter eligibility requirements applied to software patents, David has developed proficiency in this area. David delivered a presentation on this topic at the Berkeley/Stanford Advanced Patent Law Institute in 2020 and has published an article on it. While David’s current work is focused on building patent portfolios, he spent the first five years of his legal career in patent litigation, in cases before the US International Trade Commission, in the US Federal Circuit, and in federal district courts. David’s litigation background provides him valuable insight in building strong patent portfolios. Prior to his career in law, David earned a Ph.D. in mathematics, worked as a software engineer developing large-scale data processing applications, and was an assistant professor of mathematics at Holy Names College. David has given a variety of presentations on the topic of AI and published a variety of articles. Most of these are available at www.morganlewis.com/bios/dsanker. • For a general presentation on IP protection for AI, see www.morganlewis.com/events/2022/05/tech-marathon-ip-protection-for-inventions-that-use-artificial-intelligence. • For a discussion of patents versus trade secrets, see www.morganlewis.com/-/media/files/publication/outside-publication/article/2020/decision-time-intellectual-property-magazine.pdf and https://www.morganlewis.com/-/media/files/publication/outside-publication/article/2020/029-ipm-jul-aug-2020-feat.pdf. • For more information about AI inventors, see www.morganlewis.com/-/media/files/publication/outside-publication/article/2019/daily-journal-can-the-uspto-handle-artificial-inventors.pdf and www.morganlewis.com/-/media/files/publication/outside-publication/article/2020/uspto-cannot-handle-artificial-inventors-now-what-daily-journal.pdf.


Artificial Intelligence | 1yr

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This first edition, written by leading AI legal specialists, provides answers and insight on how to integrate Artificial Intelligence into business operations, whilst working within the relevant law and guidelines in key jurisdictions around the world. It also provides horizon-scanning guidance on ...