Epstein Drangel - IP Counselors Beijing

Epstein Drangel - IP Counselors Beijing

IP Counselors Beijing was founded as a direct response to the difficulties Epstein Drangel LLP’s clients faced in securing and enforcing their IP rights in China. Drawing from years of experience, with the creation of IP Counselors Beijing in April 2019, we have developed a comprehensive and cost-effective strategy for securing, maintaining, and enforcing our clients’ rights in China – a tailored, sensible approach that includes clearance searches, defensive applications to prevent brand squatting, trademark watches, and customized enforcement programs.


Anti-counterfeiting | 2yrs

Chapter: China

Anti-counterfeiting is a practical and comprehensive guide providing answers and insight into how businesses can protect their brands from counterfeiting and the grey market. Legal experts outline the relevant law and enforcement measures in key jurisdictions around the world while industry experts ...