Brill Immigration

Brill Immigration

Brill Immigration is a US immigration law firm based in London’s Fitzrovia serving some of the world’s best creatives and entrepreneurs, multinational businesses, film and television production companies, extraordinary talented individuals and innovators in moving to and working legally in the United States.

Our London office is uniquely suited to represent individuals and companies outside the United States seeking to expand their business activities in the US market, including investors.

We represent clients in all industry sectors including entertainment, creative arts, luxury, technology, finance, marketing, recruitment, hospitality, retail and other professional fields. 

We also work with leading US-based immigration attorneys and law firms and their clients to provide high level immigration consular legal services to simplify and expedite the visa application and interview process. For visa applicants with potential inadmissibility issues (arrests, cautions, overstays, convictions, etc.), we can advise on whether applicants require a waiver of inadmissibility or will otherwise experience a barrier to US travel.  

We also represent Americans seeking to bring family members to the United States, including family-based green card applications, Consular Reports of Births Abroad, US passport applications and renunciations.

At Brill Immigration, we have team members who speak Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Mandarin, Albanian, French and English.