20 Apr 2015

Court lawyers start to use smartwatches instead of instead of iPads

Early IT adopters in the US have spoken about the way smartwatches can be used in court to keep up with email in an unintrusive way and the potential for the Samsung virtual reality handset for witness interviews, depositions and hearings.

Lawyers are beginning to use smartwatches instead of ipads Canadapanda

Speaking at the ABA Techshow, Robert Sisson, a criminal defence lawyer from Appleton, Wisconsin, said: 'I use my smartwatch every day in court. I can’t use my smartphone in court, so the watch is a great way to check messages or receive notifications.'

Not tied to a desk

Rick Georges, a real property and trusts and estates specialist from St Petersburg in Florida, spoke of the potential for interviewing clients and carrying out other engagements via the Samsung virtual reality headset. He said: 'My whole impetus is that I don’t want to be tied to a desk. I wanted the ability to be a lawyer no matter where I was. Anything that enhances your use of a computer also enhances the practice of law.' Source: ABA