05 Mar 2021

Law firm LinkedIn rainmakers in demand as Covid-19 drives business development online

Firms must identify and nurture social media 'power users', according to video Q&A

Simon Marshall, founder & CEO, TBD Marketing

There has been an explosion in LinkedIn activity since the Covid-19 pandemic struck, making it even more important that law firms hone their strategy for leveraging the platform, according to a Global Legal Post video Q&A. 

Some 180 million users are now sharing an update on the social media platform for B2B professionals every week, up from just three million before Covid-19, Simon Marshall, founder of law firm marketing agency TBD Marketing explains in the video.

And while previously it was possible to share an interesting post and get 10,000 views relatively easily, such engagement is now much harder to achieve on a platform whose versatility has been underlined during lockdown.

The video was recorded to preview an interactive workshop being hosted by Marshall on 10 March, part of The Global Legal Post Masterclass series of courses specifically tailored to the legal profession.

How to Make LinkedIn Work For You and Your Firm will explore how law firms can improve all aspects of their social media strategy at a time when online networking and digital-first marketing is the only option in many parts of the world.

Marshall said he had seen a striking improvement in many firms’ use of LinkedIn during the coronavirus pandemic with some top practices achieving 20-30,000 impressions for a post.

He added that success hinged on identifying the equivalent of the rainmakers of yesteryear whose personal engagement on the network was likely to trump any output by the firm via its company page.

“Your real performers are going to be your individuals, your power users of LinkedIn. They’re the kind of people who were rainmakers in a different era, but they do it this way. As CMOs and as managing partners, we’ve got to encourage those individuals who are really good at it and are behind our strategy.” 

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