15 May 2015

Law professors write to Google over right to be forgotten

The experts are calling on Google to be more transparent in its decisions.

Law professors have written to Google Asif Islam

Law professors have written an open letter to Google demanding to know how it reaches decisions over the right to be forgotten. Google has handled nearly a quarter of a million requests in the year since the European Court of Justice made a ruling in favour of a Spanish national ordering it to remove links. The 80 experts complain that Google is not being transparent enough in how it handles requests and want evidence about how Google reaches its decisions. Google has removed links in over 40 per cent of cases. Despite Google publishing a 'transparency report',  the academics point out: 'Beyond anecdote, we know very little about what kind and quantity of information is being delisted from search results, what sources are being delisted and on what scale, what kinds of requests fail and in what proportion, and what are Google’s guidelines in striking the balance between individual privacy and freedom of expression interests.'